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»DC4JOBS - Digital Competences for Jobs« is a strategic partnership project, which promotes digital literacy among young people and fights youth unemployment. To bridge the gap related to skill mismatch between education and jobs, the project partners develop an interactive platform to up-grade, up-skill or re-skill digital competences of youth to meet the needs of labour market. The project consortium consists of seven partners from Cyprus, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands, Romania and Spain.

Intellectual Output 1: Benchmark Survey on Digital Skills Gap

Further to the preliminary research conducted by all partners, during this I.O. further evidence will be collected in order to produce is a Comparative-Survey-Report...

Intellectual Output 2: DC4JOBS Skills Charter & Ecosystem of Open Badges

The Digital/Employability Competence Charter (framework) and the Open Badges (OB) system is an attempt to introduce quality standards to the provision of digital...

Intellectual Output 3: DC4JOBS Online Assessment Tool

The on-line assessment service will guide young people (participants) to create their profile and then self-assess their skills (stock-taking), attitudes, knowledge and...

Intellectual Output 4: Online One-Stop-DC4JOBS Centre

The output foresees the development of a dynamic and interactive e-platform to be used for the purpose of the project which will function as an Open Learning Environment…

Intellectual Output 5: Toolkit For Creating The Up-Skilling Programme

“DC4JOBS Toolkit for organising the up-skilling programme and setting up the on-line and in-house ONE-STOP-SUPPORT-CENTRE” will include the learning modules...

Intellectual Output 6: Upskilling Pathway Programme

“Upskilling Training Programme” will be designed for young people for acquiring digital/employability skills as defined in IO1/2 and utilise all products. The IO6 will...

Digital Skills Assessment of Young People

Use online platforms for communication (e.g. Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber etc.)
Read copyright and licensing agreement before accepting
Create digital content
Do basic programming

Project Consortium

  • Emphasys Centre
  • CGE Erfurt e.V.
  • Breakthrough
  • Bennohaus
  • Clictic
  • EuroEd
  • Ogre Municipality


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