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The DC4JOBS project comes to join the efforts of MS to promote the digital literacy among young people and fight skills mis-matches and young unemployment. It proposes to introduce a transparent, multi-regulated and multi-assessed process, based on an interactive and dynamic platform to be developed, for young people with fewer opportunities in order to up-grade, up-skill or re-skill their digital competences to meet the needs of labour market and bridge the gap related to skills mismatches between education and training and the world of work.

A wide range of activities, outputs and results are planned to be delivered during the 24 months of the project, ranging from a desktop survey, an interactive portal for training purposes, a selection of on-line and f2f training for digital skills acquisition and a strong and structured dissemination and exploitation strategy for sustainable results.


  • 2nd Meeting – Ogre, Latvia
    26-27 of March 2018



“I cannot and will not accept that Europe is and remains the continent of youth unemployment. I cannot and will not accept that the millennials, Generation Y, might be the first generation in 70 years to be poorer than their parents.”