3rd meeting


Hosting Organization: Breakthrough (Breda, Netherlands)

The third meeting of the DC4JOBS project was organised on the 3rd and 4th of October 2018 in Breda, Netherlands. We were hosted by our project partner The Breakthrough Foundation with
co-coordination from Villa Boerebont (https://villaboerebont.nl/).

The aim of the third project meeting was to monitor the ongoing project management,
dissemination, quality insurance and exploitation procedure.

During the meeting, the partners presented the draft version of the teaching material being
prepared for the youth workers. This teaching material will then support the young people with
fewer opportunities to acquire targeted competences into entering the labour market in which
each skills will enhance their employability prospects.

The second day of the meeting was spent on planning the next steps of the project’s development and on the dissemination of the products developed so far emphasising on the development of teaching materials, the preparation for the teaching courses and multiplier event.

Within the program, we also had a guided tour by the host organization, Villa Boerebont, who was showing us around the place and introducing us to the causes that they are working on.

Villa Boerebont is a youth center, committed to support young people who are threatened by various circumtances also coming from fewer opportunity background. The foundation also offer five
working stations, residential assisted living, individual counseling and social activation for the young people.

After the working meeting, the consortium had an opportunity to visit the old town of Breda, where we visited the local shop that supports the usage of recycling materials. The products of this shop were produced and in collaboration with Villa Boerebont.

DC4JOBS has reached out the local organization in Breda and has gained their interest upon future collaboration. The project meeting concludes the achievement of each intellectual outputs and the clarity / direction for the next steps that need to be taken.